RIVER BONES BAND exhibits a sound rooted in folk and bluegrass but which does not fear the rock and roll, blues, and jazz worlds where it's members cut their teeth. The band is known for its high energy, frenetic sets, tight and compelling vocal harmonies, inspired songwriting, and their ability to turn any room into a dance hall. 

River Bones Band has performed in venues and on the festival scene throughout the Northeast Corridor, New England, and the North Midwestern U.S. The band released it's debut EP “Billy in the High Ground” in April 2018, which has already garnered praise and radio play throughout the region, even as far away as Australia! The band recorded an additional EP in June 2018 at Hi-Style Studios in Chicago, IL, which is slated for a Fall 2018 release.

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River Bones Band was formed in early 2016 by three Philadelphia area musicians; Luke Wolfrom (guitar / vocals), Brandon Warrick (mandolin / vocals) and Sean Dorn (bass). Their lineup has evolved over the past year to include Hannah Taylor (vocals / washboard), and Michael Durkan (fiddle). The band is proud to represent Wrong Tent Records and may be contacted directly about live performances, appearances, or other items of interest. CONTACT: Luke Wolfrom (riverbonesband@gmail.com).

RECOGNITION: Watermelon Park Band Contest (2017); Podunk Bluegrass Festival Band Contest (2018); WXPN Philadelphia Folk Show live on-air performance (2018); WZRD Chicago live on-air performance (2018).

FESTIVALS: Wilmington Wintergrass (DE), Pocono Mountain Winterfest (PA), Podunk Bluegrass Festival (CT), Some Kind of Jam (PA), Glastonbury Harvest Festival (CT), Passim Campfire Festival (MA).

SUPPORT: Whiskey Shivers, Blue Highway.